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Michelle Warner Congratulations Sharon Weaber and Mr. Scott. Garth Warner and I are so happy for you. We love you!! Many blessings and good fortune!!!

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Daryla Campbell Rozanski Congratulations Sharon & Scott on all your hard work 🏘🏡🏠

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Terry Bingaman Sr Congrats to both you Sharon & Scott , wish you lots of luck. You both made this work till now so there no reason it not to work.

Sandy Sudbury Congratulations to both you and honey bun I know you'll be successful because you're both very determined!

Tammy Basore Brandt Since I do not actively practice real estate. Sharon Weaber is my go to Realtor. She posted this article and I wanted to share it while helping to promote Protus Realty Inc. Scott and Sharon Weaber have recently ventured out on their own. They both have been very successful working under other companies and I know they will continue that sucess. Sharon and Scott wishing you both the best!

Patricia Siegrist That's so exciting for you guys!!

Judy Ayle Congratulations

Jamie Zook Umbower Congrats

‎Genale Rambler‎ to Protus Realty Inc.
May 3 · Myerstown ·
I trust Scott & Sharon Weaber for all of my Real Estate needs.
PROTUS is the "ONLY" company I will ever need (and use)!
Honesty and Loyalty goes far.